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LIFE Groups

Under the leadership of Reverend Greg and the enthusiastic participation of all our LIFE Groups, we continue to experience a wonderful “Spirit-filled” year in the “Life” of our Parish. If you feel called to start a new LIFE group in your home, please get in touch with Joanne Fitzpatrick or Canon Greg for help in getting started.

New Members are welcome to each of our groups.

L – Learning to follow Jesus in our time,

I – Identifying our Talents for God’s Service,

F – Finding new friendships,

E – Encouraging one another.

Group Studies

Group One
Location: Home of Jean Urquhart

Leader: Joanne Fitzpatrick

Time: Mondays – 7:00 pm via Zoom

Contact Bonnie Hunt for link

Group Two
Location: Church (Board room)

Leader: Rev. Greg

Time: Tuesdays – 12:00 noon

Group Three
Location: Time Out for Women (Church)

Leader: Several members take turns

Time: Wednesdays – 10:00 am

Right Now Media
Many of our LIFE groups are now using Right Now Media for internet studies. This venue is a wonderful addition to Christian Education and is available for anyone in our Church to use. It enables access of Bible studies to people who might not be able to physically attend a LIFE group or those who just wish to do a study on their own. For more information about Right Now Media and/or to gain access to the site, please contact the Church office.

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